Corner Post – July 2021

CHIEF INSTRUCTOR’S MESSAGE – RUSSELL WHITTON I would like to introduce to our handlers seven new instructors who have passed their Practical and Theory exams Sunday 27 June 2021. They are: • Helen Brown • Greg Roder • Peter Asquith • Amelia Beckwith • Tahlia Rich • Katie Luton • Kate Maher These seven instructors have put in a lot of hard work and study to pass these exams and they are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable as they join our team of instructors. They will make a huge difference to our ever-enlarging classes. I would like to congratulate them all and also thank the instructors who helped run this course with practical sessions, theory nights and examining these new instructors. It was a large effort by everybody concerned and not easy working to Covid restrictions. Congratulations to all of the handlers and dogs who won prizes in the Handlers days in May. For those who didn’t do well, listen to your instructor, train your dog at home ten minutes per day and I am sure you will be much more likely to be among the prize-winners next time. Annual General Meeting Saturday 7th August 10.30am Clubhouse Bring your own chair • Nomination forms are available in the Instructors Shed, Canteen or from the Club Secretary • Nomination forms must be received by Noon (12 pm) on Sunday 1st August 2021 • Nomination forms to be handed to Club Secretary. The minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting held on September 26th, 2020 are posted on the clubhouse board. A limited number of copies are available from the Club Secretary. COVID – STILL …. WITH… US …. • If you feel unwell, please do not come to training. • We have Service NSW QR Codes at our entry point. • Wear your mask All volunteers and handlers are required to abide by our current Covid-19 Safe Plan. This document is regularly updated in line with NSW Government and Dogs NSW guidelines (Annexure B) for affiliate clubs. In short: • Only one entry point • Scan or sign in, sanitize your hands • Maintain your distance please • Limited spectators on the grounds • Bring your own chair • The seating shelters and benches are closed (see Dogs NSW current guidelines) • Do not share any equipment • Only one exit point • Leave after training asap EQUIPMENT STORE The Equipment Store has a range of items (subject to availability) which are reasonably priced. Items include: • Leads, tracking leads and double ended leads • Collars and martingales • Dumbbells – range of sizes • Articles (for scent discrimination) • Gentle leaders (halter style) • Treat bags – Several colours (pink, purple, red and grey), three compartments (one with a zip – good for keys) The bags are comfy, sit flat against your body and are a bargain at $20. Please see our Equipment Officer Giselle at the club house before training. ANNOUNCEMENTS MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS WERE DUE AT THE END OF JUNE. You will need to provide: • a copy of your dog’s latest and current vaccination certificate • a completed membership form See Ros at the Registrars window to pick up a form at the moment. Once our new website is up and running you will also be able to download from there. DRIVE SLOW PLEASE When you are driving into the grounds please drive slowly. There are ducks, dogs and people to look out for. CALENDAR JULY – August 2021 JULY 2021 Sun 4th Beginners Sun 18th Chief Instructors meeting Sun 25th Promotions AUGUST 2021 Sun 1st Beginners Sat 7th Committee Meeting 9.30am Sat 7th AGM 10.30am Sun 8th Handlers Day UG, LR, UR, B Sun 15th Handlers Day Yellow, MT & LG Sat 21st Instructors meeting 9.30am Clubhouse Sun 22nd Presentations Sun 29th Promotions Day BOARD DUTY July Alison August Sandra Tate Animal Training Enterprises Facebook page – some great woods of advice and a video The best place to start teaching your puppy fetch is in your hallway! WHY? Your puppy can’t get distracted by the person hosing their garden next door, a bird, a fly, a smell, a blade of grass. AND… The hardest part of training a puppy to fetch is getting them to bring it back. So, in a hallway, the only place they can go once they get the ball, is back to you which eliminates them practising running away and you chasing after them. Like all good games, fetch should have rules. Rules help a puppy to think which will activate their brain as well as their body. We are in the process of teaching Winnie these rules: • From day dot, Fetch should only happen with a few specific balls or toys and never be rewarded off cue. This is particularly important with working dog breeds in order to prevent adult dogs from developing obsessive/compulsive type behaviours by constantly dropping every ball, stick, leaf, fluff at your feet and staring at you with those puppy dog eyes until you throw it! • Sit and wait while the ball is thrown. This is something to work on down the track once your puppy is really enjoying the game. To begin with, you just want to have them excited to chase the ball. To do this, tease your puppy with the ball, say ‘YES’ and then roll it only a couple of metres down the hallway. Hopefully they bounce after it with excitement. • Bring the ball back! As soon as your puppy pounces on the ball, get down low, praise them up and encourage them back to you. • Place the ball in your hand. This one will take time too. The main thing to remember is once they drop the ball near you or even better, in your hand, say ‘yes’ immediately and throw the ball again. The ultimate reward of giving you back the ball is getting it thrown again. • Finish on a high! This means when they do a terrific job at returning the ball to you, even if it’s only after 45 seconds, praise them up, maybe give them a treat then pop the ball out of sight. Follow the session up with something else that’s fun. Maybe a walk around the garden together, a rumble in the lounge room or a food enrichment item in the puppy pen. It’s well worth investing in the training of a proper game of fetch early on. It can make the world of difference to their mental and physical wellbeing down the track. CLUB CONTACT DETAILS President – Geoff Williams Chief Instructor Russell Whitton 4945 0763 Committee meeting held first Tuesday of month Email Secretary – Jodie Gathercole Publicity Officer – Sandra Feltham Postal PO Box 86 Charlestown Mobile 0490 800 953 Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club