Corner Post – Jun 2021



The aim of training your dog is to have an obedient dog who will obey you, particularly in times of emergency when this can save your dog’s life.

Another aim of an obedient dog and of our obedience club is trialling. This is an enjoyable and rewarding sport for both handler and dog and a great day out for you both.

From about Upper Red Class level our handlers could enter their dog into a Community Companion Dog (CCD) Trial and obtain a qualification towards a CCD Title. You need 3 qualifications under 2 different judges to obtain this Title.

To get a qualification you must pass in all exercises with a minimum 85 points out of 100 for the trial. The exercises for CCD are:

  • Heel on Lead                                 30 points
  • Stand for Examination                  20 points
  • Recall Off Lead                             20 points

Group Exercises:

  • 1-minute SIT STAY                  15 points
  • 2-minute DOWN STAY           15 points

The next level or title, once you have gained a CCD title, is NOVICE or Companion Dog (CD). The exercises are:

  • Heel Free                                       40 points
  • Stand Free for Examination 30 points
  • Recall                                            40 points
  • Optional – Retrieve Dumbbell       30 points


  • Optional Change of Position         30 points

Group Exercises:

  • 1-minute SIT STAY            30 points
  • 3-minute DOWN STAY      30 points

To get a qualification in Novice you must pass in all exercises with a minimum score of 170 points out of 200. You need 3 qualifications under 2 different judges to obtain this Title.

Next is the OPEN or Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Title. The exercises are-

  • Heel Free                                          40 Points
  • Stand Free for Examination             20 Points
  • Drop on Recall                                 30 Points
  • Retrieve Dumbbell on Flat               30 Points


  •  Retrieve Dumbbell over Solid Jump  30 points OR
  • Directed Retrieve.                            30 points


  • Broad Jump                                      20 points


  • Distance Control                              20 points

Group Exercises:

  • 3-minute Down Stay                     30 points

(handler out of sight)

To get a qualification in Open you must pass in all exercises with a minimum of 170 points out of 200.  You need 3 qualifications under 2 different judges to obtain this Title.

After Open we have Utility Dog (UD) Title and Utility Dog Excellent (UDX).  This is probably what every trialler aims for and some of the exercises are scent work (seek back lost article), directed jumping and directed retrieve.  These two rings are the PhD for dogs.

The ultimate for an obedience dog is Obedience Champion – O Ch

Other titles for your dog can be earned in:

  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Tracking
  • Retrieving
  • Endurance
  • Rally O

More information can be obtained by downloading the appropriate Trial Rules Book from the Dogs NSW website.

More information: Obedience Rule Book (as at 1 Jan 2021).

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 7th August 10.30am at the Clubhouse Please bring your own chair.


On Sunday 23 May, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Western Branch Green Gully Reserve became a Tier 2 COVID exposure site in Victoria.

This is a salient reminder that we still all need to be really careful with our social distancing and hand hygiene.

If you feel unwell, please do not come to training.

We have Service NSW QR Codes at our entry point.  A paper version for sign in is also available.

All volunteers and handlers are required to abide by our current Covid-19 Safe Plan. 

This document is regularly updated in line with NSW Government and Dogs NSW guidelines (Annexure B) for affiliate clubs.

In short:

  • Only one entry point
  • Scan or sign in, sanitize your hands
  • Maintain your distance please – At least 1.5 m between people and dogs
  • Limited spectators on the grounds
  • Bring your own chair
  • Do not share any equipment
  • Only one exit point
  • Leave after training asap

Any feedback, please approach any of the Committee members, usually somewhere around the shed or at the entry point


The Equipment Store has a range of items (subject to availability) which are reasonably priced.  Items include:

  • Leads, tracking leads and double ended leads
  • Collars and martingales
  • Dumbbells – range of sizes
  • Articles (for scent discrimination)
  • Gentle leaders (halter style)
  • Treat bags – Several colours (pink, purple, red and grey), three compartments (one with a zip – good for keys) The bags are comfy, sit flat against your body and are a bargain at $20.

Please see our Equipment Officer Giselle at the club house before training.



You will need to provide:

  • a copy of your dog’s latest and current vaccination certificate
  • a completed membership form

See Ros at the Registrars window to pick up a form at the moment.  Once our new website is up and running you will also be able to download from there.


June – August 2021

JUNE 2021
Sun 6thBeginners
Sat 12thCommittee meeting 9.30am
Sat 19thInstructors meeting 9.30am
Sun 27thPromotions
JULY 2021
Sun 4thBeginners
Sun 18thChief Instructors meeting
Sun 25thPromotions
Sun 1stBeginners
Sat 7thCommittee Meeting 9.30am
  Sat 7th  AGM 10.30am  
Sun 8thHandlers Day UG, LR, UR, B
Sun 15thHandlers Day Yellow, MT & LG
Sat 21stInstructors meeting 9.30am Clubhouse
Sun 22ndPresentations
Sun 29thPromotions Day

Handlers Day 23 May 2021

Advanced Training Class

1st Reba Cawthorne & Teesha

2nd Lyn Mahaffey & Chester

Blue Class

1st Roger & Kane

1st Jude & Farrow

2nd Jacqueline & Force

3rd Libby & Tango

Merits – Jan & Henry, Bruce & Phoebe, Jim & Dyson

Upper Red Class

1st Di & Monty

2nd Katrina & Archie

3rd Patricia & Ola

Lower Red Class

1st Kate Maher & Rowan

2nd Rod Gibbs & Audrey

3rd Kate Luton & Jessie

Upper Green Class

1st Charly Gunning & Chelsea

2nd Helen Brown & Willow

3rd Kristen Tomlinson & Hoya

Merits – Sarah Murray & Brenna, Calinda Payne & Seven

Lower Green Class

1st Rolls & Jaeger

2nd Zander & Leo

3rd Helen Baran & Penny (see pic to left)

Lower Green Motivational Class

1st Cindy Cichy & Daisy

2nd Kath Coyle & Pip

3rd Kylie & Clarke

Merits – David Bell & Ralph, Jim Clarke & Oscar, Debra Carrol & Brock, Claire & Lila

Yellow Class

1st Megan Fulton & Callie

2nd Kimberlee Boag & Josie

3rd Rhonda Bru & Meg

Merits – Kerrie Burns & Moo, Janelle Boag & Luna, Vince Balance & George, Vicki Smith & Magnus

Yellow Motivational Class

1st Jessica Wilcox & John Boy

2nd Scott Forbes & Floyd

3rd Tiarnar Tavita & Gru

Merits – Mike Borvoinski & Merlin, Tom Hatton & Ziggy


Joy has been a long-term member, since the 1980’s, of the Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club (NABDTC).

Her preferred dogs are Dobermans and recently she has owned (been owned?) by a Belgian Malinois (also known as a Belgian Shepherd).

Joy has always enjoyed working and training working line dogs that have plenty of drive for competition.  She has previously competed in IPO and has titled her Dobermans in several Obedience rings. 

Her youngest dog is a Belgian Malinois named Fury (see pic last page).  Fury has passed her MAT (Temperament Test) but Joy is going to focus on competing in the Obedience and Rally rings.

Joy used to be the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Coordinator and has completed a Cert IV in Animal Companion Services from the Delta Institute Australia.  Joy is currently a Motivational Instructor at our Club.